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       Welcome to

       I developed this web site to describe high-quality resources that might be useful to helpers of English language learners.


        The World Wide Web (or internet) has many such resources, ranging from excellent to not-so-good to questionable.

        In view of this, I set out to find and review the most useful of these, and to present what I found in a way that you and others could quickly explore what I found, and decide for yourself what was useful.

        I found more than 20 useful/helpful web sites, some of which are quite rich in learning resources.

        How to summarize these resources in an easily-reviewed and clear manner presented a challenge:   the number and varied formats of resources precluded using conventional internet modes such as blogs or text-oriented wikis.

        Instead, I decided to present the material as visually as possible, using highly-edited screen captures (which I call screenscraps*) of web pages, accompanied by comments, which could optionally be presented by text-to-speech in one of 10 voices.

        There are more than 130 screenscraps, derived from the most important content from a relatively small number of web pages from each site.

*Screenscrap is a word I made up for the cut-and-paste assemblies of portions of web pages. Each has on average about 1/3 the content of the web page(s) it represents. Screenscraps are explained further on the Resources page.

My goal → give you a good enough overview in a short period of time, leaving it to you to explore resources you find promising.

        The interface is designed for easy navigation, and involves little more than clicking on blue text or blue-labeled text 'buttons'.

        To learn what blue text or a button does, simply click it, or position the cursor over it and wait for an explanatory message to appear. You'll master the interface quickly.

Thanks for visiting — Dan R Wilson PhD (microbiology)

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Notices:  The sole purpose of this web site is to inform, empower and encourage those who wish to help others learn English. It is 100% not-for-profit: it earns no revenue, receives no donations, and is free to use.

The novel web site design and associated software were developed by, are the intellectual property of, and are copyright © 2022 by Dan R. Wilson. Displayed textual content can by re-used under license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 . This permission doesn't apply to illustrations of other web sites' content.

to Teresa M Wilson (BSc BEd)
and Sarah T Wilson (BA Linguistics & Communication) for help.