Languages and Voices for narrating comments*

LanguageCountry Woman's voiceMan's voice

English  Australia  select  select
English  Canada  select  select
English  Great Britain  select  select
English  India  select  select
English  United States  select  select

Arabic  Egypt  select
Arabic  Saudi Arabia  select
Bulgarian  Bulgaria  select
Chinese  China  select
Chinese  Taiwan  select  select
Croatian  Croatia  select
Czechoslovakian  Czechoslovakia  select
Greek  Greece  select
Hungarian  Hungary  select
Indonesian  Indonesia  select
Malaysian  Malaysia  select
Polish  Poland  select  select
Portuguese  Brazil  select  select
Romanian  Romania  select
Slovakian  Slovakia  select
Slovenian  Slovenia  select
Spanish  Mexico  select  select
Tamil  India  select
Turkish  Turkey  select
Ukrainian  Ukraine  select  select
Vietnamese  Viet Nam  select

*Narration in non-English languages is experimental. I don't speak your language,
so I don't know how good the translations and text-to-speech conversions are.
I'm concerned that some English phrases might sound like nonsense after being
translated into your language. Except for this possibility, I have the impression
that quality is very good for both translations (done with Google Translate) and
text-to-speech conversions (voices from Microsoft and RHVoice/